Just In Time For The New Moon Solar Eclipse
This March 20th ushers in a new awakening powered not just by the Spring Equinox, but also by a total Solar Eclipse! And after an emotional first two weeks of March, you can finally relax and enjoy yourself, while letting bygones be bygones.

So from the Numerologist.com team, HAPPY SPRING!
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  MARCH 20, 2015 - Total Eclipse Opens 11:11 Portal Into Abundance  
  Total Solar Eclipse in the final 29th degree of Pisces brings March's 11 Universal Month to a spectacular climax!  
  The remaining two weeks of March pack a powerful punch with a total Solar Eclipse on March 20th, the Equinox! Let's just say this spring is going to get interesting :)

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  6 Ways Your Spirit Guides See You  
  Spring Cleaning 101: Create Sacred Space That Empowers  
  An absolutely beautiful piece that shines light on how your spirit guides view you. Read More →  
  5 questions that'll transform your personal space into a place of magic and power.
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  How To Paint Your Own Soul Rainbow By Calling On Your Guides  
  Have You Ever Found Yourself In This Situation? - Breaking Down Tarot Stereotypes  
  Call upon your spirit guides and angels, and express the colors of your soul with this creative and affirming exercise.
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  Those who use and are inspired by the tarot are not who they seem...
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